Hutchison Pool and Spa Services is an authorized Hayward pool equipment warranty station

Pool pumps are the work horse of the filtration system of any pool. A pool pump consists of two main parts: the pump housing and the motor. Today’s pumps are traditional single speed pumps, two speed pumps or variable speed pumps. A two- speed pump spends most of the time operating at a lower horsepower, and then is switched into the higher speed when needed to power the spa jets or perhaps the pool cleaner.

The advantage of operating in the lower speed is the tremendous savings on your power bill. A variable speed pump has multiple speeds that can be set individually for each task required. The motor is an ultra high-efficiency motor designed for cooler, quieter operation and longer motor life than a traditional pool motor.

Whatever type of pump you may have, you can rest assured that Hutchison Pool and Spa is the most qualified pool company to service, repair and upgrade your pool pump.

We offer 30 years of experience in making sure your installation is done right.

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